Flickr's Lost It (My Custom, That Is)

I've been a fully paid up member of Flickr for years, but no more.

I didn't mind the re-design of the site. In fact, I actually liked it, truth be told. 

I almost didn't mind the hideous, early 90's style toolbar they stuck at the top of the site all that much, totally ruining an otherwise rather pleasant experience. 

What I really object to, though, is their total disregard of the almost universally negative feedback of the thing (I think the one piece of positive feedback was probably posted by the poor sod who was forced to put it there in the first place). Seriously folks, if you're not interested in what your paying customers think about an issue, it's actually better to not even bother asking the question.

I'll still use Flickr, of course. With all that free data, you'd be daft not to. However, it's not my go to photo site any longer and I have cancelled my Premium membership of the site.  It's not like I was getting much more for the money anyway. No ads (sorted for free with AdBlock) and stats - whoopee.

For now, I'm posting what I consider to be my least crap photos on 500px and directly here on the blog. Mostly, however, I'm using Adobe Revel to share privately with my family. Despite a few issues, I think it's currently the best solution for me at the moment.