iPhone SE. If Carlsberg made mobile phones...

I've been using an iPhone 6S Plus since it was released. Prior to that, it was the 6 Plus. I'd gotten used to big phones and it felt that that's what a phone is these days, so that was it.

However, recently, my wife was in the market for a bigger phone. She had an iPhone 5 and wanted something with a bigger display. Initially, I thought I'd let her have my existing 6S Plus and I'd get a 7, or get a 7 for her whilst I kept the 6S Plus, but, before making a decision, I wanted to look at the alternatives.

I really didn't want to get Yet Another Phone Contract, so I was looking at buying an unlocked phone with no contract. This narrowed the options considerably, as I also didn't want to pay around £800 for a new phone.

I considered Android. The OnePlus Three looks like a lot of phone for your money. But, well, it's Android. And, as a family, we've pretty much gone full in with Apple and it's ecosystems, for better and worse.

So, in the price range, that left an option of around one - the iPhone SE.

I'd not even thought about going back to a smaller phone before. But then I had a bit of a play with my wife's iPhone 5 and realised I actually love that small form factor. Being able to use it completely with one hand. This is like magic!

It started to feel that bigger phones had always been the norm and that Apple had performed some wizardry and got virtually all previous functionality into something this tiny! How did they do it?

So, I purchased a 64Gb SE last week. And wow, am I happy with it. I don't care that the front facing camera isn't so good (virtually never use it) and I don't really need a barometer. I do wish it was 128Gb, but 64's not so bad. I thought I'd miss the optical image stabilisation of the 6S Plus but, the SE takes a damn fine photo.

But, any compromises there may have been are more than made up for by the fact that I hardly know I'm carrying my phone any more. In fact, there have been a few occasions where I've had to check I even have it with me, but I'm getting used to it.

This is like some new found freedom and I'm loving it.

I think it's been helped by the fact the I now use my iPad Pro for virtually everything, so I didn't require a Big Phone to Get Things Done.

Times change and my phone requirements have moved on. For me, right now, the SE is a pretty perfect phone.

Oh, and I can stand it vertically on my desk, without a stand, even in it's lovely leather case 😄