Doesn't feel good to me, either - Bad guys win again

So, we finally get Content Blocking on iOS. Great news. Or maybe not.

Like many, I grabbed Marco Arment's Peace app, which adds content blocking to Safari on iOS and does it well.

Marco's decided to pull the app, because he doesn't feel good about it. I kinda respect his decision, but then I kinda think he had time to think about this before.

And, whatever the real reasons, it certainly at least feels more like peer pressure is behind this. See Marco's earlier post, referencing a Tweet from Mr Gruber.

That smells pretty bad to me. 

And now, I actually feel more inclined to block ads on this little collection of sites, so I guess that backfired.

Getting a refund for the app isn't really an option for me. Last time I did that, Apple got huffy with me and wouldn't let me buy any more apps until I hit the button saying I acknowledged I couldn't get a refund, because I'd had the cheek to ask for a refund for an app that didn't work as advertised.

So, thanks for that, Marco. I know the refund bit isn't your fault, but pulling the app is. I respect you and your decisions. I love your apps. But you've just lost a customer.

But hey, I don't have that many readers.

Update: At least Apple have done the right thing and are refunding everyone who purchased the app.