My First App Store Refund Request

I've never felt the need to request a refund for an App Store app, until today. 

I picked up Hitman Sniper at the weekend. Awesome game. In almost every respect, worth the money.

Univeral app, so works on the iPhone and iPad. Even better. 

Went to set up the cloud sync and was presented with this:

 No, no, no

No, no, no

Umm, hang on. It's asking me to connect to my Facebook account in order to enable it. That's a problem on multiple levels. 

For one, I paid for this app. I don't then expect to have to "do" anything else to "unlock" what should be core functionality.

Secondly, and rather more importanly, I don't have a Facebook account. So that's me screwed then, as far as wanting to sync my progress across devices with this app I just paid for.

That last bit is kinda important. If this was free, I'd probably still be miffed but, hey, free is free. This isn't free. It's not even cheap.

So I've requested my first refund.

This is shoddy behaviour from the app developers. At the very least, they should state "Functionality wihtheld until you connect to your Facebook account even though you're paying for the app, so if you haven't got a Facebook account, you probably don't want to buy this", but I guess that may impact sales.

Bad devs, very bad indeed.