Save my SaneBox!

I love SaneBox. It does exactly as advertised by keeping my Fastmail account free of clutter.

However, it's renewal time and, frankly, I'm skint. Which is why I'm grovelling.

If you click here and sign up for a free trial of this wonderful service, you'll receive a $5 credit which you can use towards your first paid subscription should you decide to sign up (and I bet you do) and I'll also receive a $5 credit which means I'll be able to continue using this incredible time saver.

I'll be eternally grateful to anyone that clicks that link and signs up. Think of the great karma you'll get and you're effectively giving me $5 at no cost to yourself other than the brief period of time required to sign up! And, as an added bonus, you'll get to see first hand just why SaneBox is so good. Everybody wins!

Thanks in advance 😄