Microsoft OneDrive for Business for Mac (sort of)

For anyone (like me) who'd like to try out Microsoft OneDrive for Business syncing on their Mac, here's how I did it.

Note that you'll need a Windows machine with OneDrive for Business installed on it and online for this to work.

  1. Once you've got OneDrive for Business installed on the Windows machine that'll be online, download and install BitTorrent Sync.
  2. In the BitTorrent Sync application, add a new folder, and point to the OneDrive folder on the Windows machine - send yourself the sync key via email or something similar so you can get to it from your Mac
  3. Download and install BitTorrent Sync on your Mac
  4. Add the key from step 2 above and point to a folder on your Mac which will be your pretend OneDrive sync folder

Once everything is sync'd up, drop a file into your pretend OneDrive folder on your Mac (from Step 4 above). It'll then sync via BitTorrent Sync to your Windows machine, which will then sync it to OneDrive. You'll then, for example, be able to access it via the iPad app.

Not perfect, but fine until Microsoft pull their finger out and get an official client released. It's pretty quick, too.

Incidentally, BitTorrent Sync is awesome. Awesome enough that I've cancelled my Dropbox Pro account, but that's a story for another day.