Microsoft, You Really Don't Have A Clue, Do You?

Does anyone at Microsoft actually use a modern computer or tablet on a daily basis?

From their offerings, you'd have to think not.

There's a lot of speculation that Office will finally be coming to iPad any day now. I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough.

I have to wonder whether it's even relevant any more. We've all waited for so long that most folk have, I'm sure, moved on to other things. I've found Pages and Numbers to be more than adequate.

But that's another story for another day.

Today, I want to talk about OneNote. Microsoft have released the Mac version to the world. Good news, no? No.

I've got an Office 365 account (although I'm increasingly asking myself why I bother), so I thought this would at least make it moderately useful. I fired up the application, and logged in with my Office 365 account details. Which it wouldn't accept. Usefully, it didn't say "Sorry, I know it's bonkers, but you can't log in with an Office 365 account, you have to use a crappy Outlook, Hotmail or some other wanky Microsoft service account". Oh no. It actually said my account was blocked so I couldn't log on. Which it isn't, because I'm logged in right now with that very same "blocked" account on the web.

Okay, no problem. For now I'll download an existing OneNote file from my OneDrive account to my desktop and load that in. Except you can't.

I thought the iPad version of OneNote was bad enough, but at least you could, with some difficulty (you have to log in with a "Microsoft" account - e.g. Outlook etc, then link your existing Office 365 account once you've managed to get in - they don't tell you this, of course - you have to guess), but this takes the biscuit.

Seriously, guys, if you want to be a player in 2014, you're gonna have to at least get some staff who use these new fangled iPad type things and those odd Apple Mac computers so they can at least test this crap before you release it.

Update: I can't even close this piece of junk. I tried all the usual stuff, but I had to Force Quit through Activity Monitor to get rid of it. Seriously, did anyone even think to fire the application up on a Mac prior to release?