A Dieting We Go

I've been using a fitness tracker to make sure I get my 12,000 steps in each day for about a year and a half now.

They're a terrific motivator, but I seemed to reach some limit about last September. After losing about 22 lbs, I started to gain weight again, despite still getting those steps in. I'm putting it down to the fact I've started a new contract where I'm away from home 5 days per week now, and my diet has suffered accordingly.

Last year, I looked into the Fast Diet. I dismissed it at the time, as I couldn't think of a way to introduce it into my week as it was then, or perhaps I just made a subconscious excuse not to do it.

However, after 3 months of weight gains (only small ones each week, but it all adds up), I decided to start it last week.

I picked Tuesday and Thursday as my Fast Days. This fits in nicely for me, and coincides with my two swimming days, so I've got something nice, and also healthy, to distract me from eating too much after work on those two days.

The first week went well and I lost 4 lbs. I was delighted with that, especially after 3 months of weight gains. I also didn't find it as hard as I thought I would.

Given the flexibility of the diet, everyone seems to have their own variation that works for them, so it was hard to pick something to base it on, but I decided to skip breakfast, have a small lunch - something like Sushi, at around 175 calories - a small fruit snack before my swim - about 25 calories - which leaves me about 400 calories for dinner.

For the final meal of the day, I've been picking up a big salad (only about 50 calories) and either prawns or chicken along with maybe some fruit.

I also had some carrot sticks to hand in case I felt like munching on something, but made sure I stayed within the 600 calorie daily allowance.

That, combined with drinking tons and tons of water and herbal teas has got me through each Fast Day without any real bother. I've had a couple of times each day where I felt a bit hungry, but no more than that.

Another interesting side effect is that I seem to feel tremendously alert during those Fast Days - due to all those fluids? Could be.

I'll keep at it, for sure and I'll keep you all updated on progress.