iOS 7 - Lots to Love

I had pretty low hopes for iOS 7.

The previews were generally pretty negative. The screenshots didn't look that terrific. I held back and didn't install any of the betas. 

However, I finally folded on release date. Many hours and many failed attempts later, my iPad 3 was suitably updated and I kicked off the download on my iPhone 5.

I wasn't overly excited by the prospect, so left them both until the next morning before I had a proper play. 

And what a lovely surprise I had :) 

This is a really, really nice OS. I love the speed of it. I love the way the pages zoom and whiz all over the place.  It's an absolute joy to use.

There are a few features worth the update alone. I'd gladly swap iOS 6 for iOS 7 for any single one of these, never mind all of them:

  • Notification dismissal sync (clear a notification on one device and it clears on the other)
  • Spotlight on any home screen - I'm now using this almost exclusively to launch apps
  • The new app switcher
  • The mail app, with all of its swipey goodness
  • The clarity of the fonts
  • Being able to chuck as many apps into a folder as you want
  • Background app data updates
  • Auto app updates

And this is all just superficial stuff, really. But, combined with the enormous number of other improvements, this is a hell of a leap forward and has transformed my devices. 

Yeah, there are a few issues, but when is there not with a 1.0 release? 

Don't listen to all the naysayers. Go and update your device now and enjoy the future.