The Day The Data Leaks

I think it's safe to assume all of our Internet originating data, encrypted or otherwise, is being stored and tucked away nicely for a rainy day.

I think it's also safe to assume that the majority of it will never be used.

If it became common knowledge that it was being used, then we'd all have to assume that literally everything we say or do on the Internet (financial transactions, legal stuff - everything) would be compromised and we'd all have to just stop using the Internet for anything other than cat photos.

The "good guys" don't want that to happen, as they'd then have no way to fill their buckets with all of our lovely data.

But what happens the day the NSA gets hacked by someone with somewhat darker intentions than Mr Snowden? And it will, surely that's a given, at some stage. And what happens when said hackers start to publish everything the NSA has collected over the years? Not details on what they're doing, but the actual collected data?

That's not going to be a good day.