Office 365, OneNote and the iOS Apps - a Sorry Tale

Okay, I know I've been in a bit of a rant mode lately with a number of services and gadgets, and, unfortunately, this post is no exception, but I promise the next one is more positive! (I know, I've already written it). 

I find I'm using Office 365 more and more these days. It has its issues, but there's some useful stuff in there.

One of the biggest issues with the whole Office 365 suite, though, is the sheer number of similar but not quite the same services. None of them seem to speak to each other properly.

For instance, I've got the Office 365 iPhone app. Using that, I can see my OneNote files. When I tap on one, it tells me to download the OneNote iPhone app, so I do so. I then try and log in, obviously using my Office 365 credentials, and it says they're invalid, which they aren't.

That's how I ended up reading this completely ridiculous workaround that works and is absolutely crazy!

To summarise, to sign in to OneNote on the iPhone app for my Office 365 account, I first have to sign in using a totally unrelated account - it has literally nothing to do with my Office 365 account other than also being owned by Microsoft.

Once I've signed in with this basically random account, I can THEN sign in to my real account! 

Absolutely bonkers. How on earth would anyone guess this? "Mmm, I can't log in. I know! I'll try logging in using credentials for an entirely different service and see if that works!".

Does nobody stand up during the endless meetings and say "I can't be the only one for which this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever".

I really do despair sometimes...