The Martian

I've just finished reading this gem: 

Definitely the best book I've ever read on the Kindle. Maybe the best book I've ever read on any medium. 

A perfect mix of tech, sci fi, adventure, fear, hope and fun. 

Unfortunately, you're out of luck if you wanted to read it electronically, too. According to Amazon, "The rights to The Martian have been sold to a major publication house. So The Martian will no longer be available for digital purchase after April 30, 2013". Looks like it's coming out in Hardback in February, 2014.

This was a lucky find. I'd seen it before, but for some reason it hadn't grabbed my attention. Somehow I found out it was going to be withdrawn from sale on the Kindle at the end of that week, so I thought I'd grab it whilst I could. I'm so glad I did.

There are a bunch of typos, which seems unfortunately common with eBooks, but that didn't detract from it being a truly stonkingly good read.