Not Happy With Fitbit

I purchased my first Fitbit - an Ultra - in January 2012.

It helped enormously with my desire to lose weight and I upgraded to the One and, just recently, the Flex.

The motivation these devices have provided has far exceeded my expectations, but I fear my love affair with Fitbit may be nearing an end.

I woke up on Saturday morning and my Flex advised me I'd done about 15,000 steps - before I'd even got out of bed. A quick check and I noticed this was the number of steps from yesterday - it hadn't reset at midnight.

That might not seem much of an issue. Just deduct the 15,000 from the day before and off you go.

And yes, to a degree, that worked. The trouble is, the Fitbit is heavily geared towards the gamification of becoming fit, which all adds to the motivation. And the lack of the reset has completely screwed up this gamification aspect.

During the day I started getting emails about new achievements. Firstly, my 20,000 step badge, followed by the 25,000 and 30,000. These now show up on my dashboard. And they're going to stay there, because Fitbit say, short of deleting all of my data (18 months worth) and starting over, they can't reset individual achievements.

Currently, you have the option to delete a weight badge; badges associated with stair climbing and distance are irreversible.

You've gotta be kidding me, guys! Why the hell not?

This is a real bummer. I've got badges on my dashboard that I haven't earned. And, when I do actually achieve those milestones, I won't receive any "reward" for it. Yes, I know I have the knowledge that I have achieved it, but one of the points of using something like a Fitbit is to get these extras.

So, this isn't a temporary glitch I can simply ignore, as the false data is staring me in the face every time I visit my dashboard. I need to get to a 30,000 step day before what's on my dashboard matches reality. I guess that's motivation in itself, but far from ideal.

As to the reason why the Flex didn't reset, they had this to say:

Our engineers are aware of an issue where your step data is not resetting at midnight when your Flex is in a lower power state. While we work to resolve this issue with an update, you can avoid this from happening by ensuring that your Flex has over 20% battery power remaining in the evening."

Well, you know, it might have been nice if you'd let your paying customers know this fact. I'm guessing a lot of us let the battery level go below 20% - surely the whole point is that you charge it when it needs charging, not when it still has over 1/5th capacity left?

The above, combined with the fact that it took them 3 months to send me a replacement belt clip for my One (which I knew would fail as soon as I first saw it), has left me feeling a little jaded about the company I have recommended to many of my friends and colleagues in the past.

Would I recommend them now? Unfortunately, I'd have to say no.

Time to look at the competition.