Office Mobile for (some) Office 365 subscribers

I use Office 365 for some stuff. Not much, but some. So I was vaguely interested to see the app hit the App Store and today it's available for us lowly UK users.

So I installed it and tried to sign in. And it told me there's no active subscription. Mmm. Odd. So I navigated to the domain I have mapped to Office 365, logged in and all looks well.

Some Googling later, I find out that not only do you have to be an Office 365 subscriber, but you need also to NOT be on a P1 plan. (Other plans may also be excluded, but this is the only I looked for, as that's the one I'm on).

This is misleading. The description in the App Store states "An Office 365 subscription is required to use this app.". I have one. It doesn't work.

Seriously, guys? So now I have to pay another £10 per month just to use it on the "free" iPhone app?

No, I don't think I will, thanks.