Fastmail - email done right

When fastmail radically updated their web interface, it set a lot of users into a rage. For me, it was one of the main reasons I moved back to them.

The old interface was just that - old. It looked - and was - a product from a time gone by.

The new interface is very slick, extremely fast, and eminently usable. It also has some of the best rule handling of any email provider and is being constantly evolved.

Some recent additions are:

  • Global Search
  • Dropbox integration
  • Mail preview

You could argue that the first and last of these should've been available a long time ago, but they're here now, which is a good thing.

The Dropbox integration is very handy, allowing you to save attachments to, and select files to attach directly to/from your Dropbox account.

I'd argue that the web interface is now up there with the best of them, to the point where I've ditched using my previous email client - Postbox - on my Mac, preferring to use Fastmail through Firefox.

I'd had a Fastmail account for years, but had been using Gmail. Concerns about privacy led me to take another look as my Fastmail account, just at the time they made the interface changes. I'm glad I did and now I've switched back permanently.

Go take a look. They offer a free tier, so you can take a good look around and see if it's for you.