, or rather, Don't

I'm always keen to try out anything mentioned on the terrific MacSparky blog.

Today, I noticed a new sponsor - - so I immediately went and took a look.

I downloaded the Mac app and it looks pretty neat. The basic idea is it'll scan your Dropbox and other cloud storage folders and let you do really fast and useful searches on the documents it finds. This could be very useful to me indeed.

I was pretty impressed with the Mac version, so I downloaded the iPad app, as I'd need to be able to do this on the move.

Oh dear. I should've just stuck with the Mac version.

The iPad app (and web site) is a lesson in how not to release software.

So, here goes.

  1. Sign up on the iPad app - all standard stuff
  2. Check your email for confirmation - duly done. I click the Back to App button and, well, nothing really
  3. Back to the iPad app and I log in using the account details I've just created and verified - login failed. Okay, probably a typo on my part, so I'll copy and paste the password stored in 1Password. Password failed.
  4. Okay, off to the web site for some support. I click on the Support link and get a warning telling me Safari isn't able to verify the site
  5. Three strikes and you're out - I'm outa here

Shame, really. Nice idea, implemented poorly.

Just to clarify, this isn't a dig at MacSparky, who's site and MPU podcast have probably taught me more about Mac stuff than any other resource. is a sponsor of theirs and MacSparky can't be held responsible for the state of a sponsors wares.