Why Do You Keep Letting Me Down, Evernote?

I'm sure Evernote must be watching my posts.


Because every time I finally give them the benefit of the doubt and give them another try, it all seems to work beautifully, so I'll post something along the lines of "Well, they let me down in the past, but it's pretty darn good now".

And I see the pattern now. Within two weeks of me posting something like that, it'll come along and bite me on the arse again.

The latest gotcha is on my iPad 3 with iOS 7. It'll start, then freeze, then crash. And that's about it.

Looking at some of the forum posts, I'm not the only one with this issue.

And I'd just finished downloading my 2Gb + database, too.

Why do I persist with it? Because when it works, it works very well. However, the number of times it's not working is getting a bit out of hand.