Apple Podcasts App

I think I'm going native.

I'm using Apple's apps more and more in preference to third party alternatives.

My latest switch is to the most recent iteration of their Podcasts app. This might sound strange, especially as I've already paid for both Instacast and Downcast.

Why switch from a pair of perfectly decent (but not perfect) paid apps to a free app with limited functionality? Integration.

I listen to podcasts whilst on the move, usually when walking. If I want to skip the ads, I don't want to have to unlock the phone and switch to the app just to step ahead a couple of minutes. By the time I've done, the ads are probably over anyway. I want to use the controls on the lock screen.

Due to Apple's self serving "we can break our own rules if we want to", Podcasts is, I believe, the only podcasting app that will let me do this. I'd pay for a feature like. And I didn't have to.

And I like the simplicity of it. I don't really need any bells or whistles. I just want to listen to podcasts. Sure, the sync currently sucks big time, but then it isn't all that great on the two paid apps I've tried (and I paid for Mac, as well as iOS, versions of both) either.

It recently dawned on me that I can simply use my iPhone as my sole Podcasting Listening device, so now I don't have to worry about syncing.

They've vastly improved the search facility, too.

If you're new to podcast listening, or have, like me, coughed up some hard earned on other apps, please do give this freebie a try. Like me, you might be pleasantly surprised.

And, in case you're initially mystified, as I was, as to how you manually add a podcast via URL, just paste it into the Search field. Obvious, huh?