Nice Work, Apple

Some really nice updates yesterday.

I'm suitably impressed that the iPad Mini Retina has the same innards as Big Brother. Like many, I've been holding off replacing my iPad 3 with a Mini until Retina came along. Getting an A7 is mega-icing on the cake.

Nice kick in the nads to Microsoft with giving away the OS and apps to new hardware purchasers. I'm a little surprised they just don't give the entire iLife suite, and accompanying iOS apps, to everyone for free. Would be a nice gesture and might drive even more people away from Office. Maybe Apple can't afford the £6.99 or whatever it costs for Numbers on iOS...

Some really nice touches in Mavericks. I like the "Install Tonight" app updates, for one. And Tabs in Finder. And all the other stuff. No issues yet and my Haswell MBA certainly seems nippier than it did yesterday.

The new Mini is a proper tiny little powerhouse and I can't wait to get my hands on one. And maybe with 128Gb, I won't find myself having to delete stuff all the time. Yes, I have to delete stuff, even with my current 64Gb.

I think the whole event has raised the bar yet again in so many areas. Some subtle, some not so subtle.

Happy Apple Days.