Journalling With Editorial

I've not been having much luck with my journalling tools of choice lately.

Day One kept duplicating and/or losing entries, which is not something you want from a journalling tool.

So I switched to Evernote, and the iPad app started crashing constantly, requiring an uninstall (which wiped the 2Gb + data I had downloaded) and reinstall, which is not something you want from a journalling tool.

So now I'm using about the simplest method I can think of - plain text - with my new text editor and all round text file maestro of choice - Editorial.

I was enjoying using plain text anyway - especially the freedom of being able to use whichever text editor I fancied using on any particular occasion and being reasonably confident my data was safe. I use Dropbox, which is synched on about 5 different devices, plus there's the Dropbox versioning, plus my entire Dropbox is also backed up to Amazon. If all that lot goes at once, I may as well just give up.

The icing on the cake was this little gem of a Workflow for Editorial. It lets you select a photo from your Camera Roll, uploads it to the same directory where the file is that you're working on and inserts a link into said file. Just perfect for adding your own personal "photo of the day" to your journal.

And, as a bonus, Editorial is just perfect for creating posts for Squarespace using Markdown.

Yes, I know I'm getting obsessed with it but, if you do any kind of writing on the iPad, do yourself a huge favour and go buy this app now. It's truly wonderful.