I've given up tagging and labelling

I've decided to stop tagging and labelling my online stuff. Searching is so effective in all of my core applications (Evernote, Fastmail etc) that I don't think it's any longer beneficial to tag and label things. Doing so takes time and it doesn't really pay off any more.

In the past, I'd read an email, then think to myself "Where should I put this? Which label should I give it?". Now, everything - once dealt with - either gets deleted or goes into the archive.

In Evernote, I've got a few ongoing projects that have their own Notebooks, but the majority of my nearly 10,000 notes now go into the Reference Notebook. I'd never remember what I tagged all of those notes with, anyway, so it's easier to just search.

Have you given up tagging and searching? What do you find is the most effective way of filing away your online stuff?

(And no, I haven't tagged this post :) )