Happy New Task Manager

Well, no sooner do I re-post one of my most popular posts from my old blog regarding TaskPaper than I find myself having to abandon it. The sync has just become too unreliable, I'm afraid to say. Over the Christmas break, I lost one batch of tasks too many and I've returned to OmniFocus. It's overkill for what I need, but the iPad app really is a thing of beauty and, with the recent addition of being able to email tasks to my OF Inbox, it's becoming ever more useful.

Yes, the syncing is verrrryyyy slow, but it's never (so far) lost any data, and that's really something of a prerequisite.

Looking at comments on various places, it's obvious I'm not the only one having the TaskPaper issue. I can tolerate a lot, but losing data means it's time to say a fond farewell for now.