Advice required for new camera

My beloved Panasonic TZ5 went flying over the balcony to its destruction on holiday, so I'm looking for a replacement. Luckily the SD card survived, so we didn't lose all of the holiday snaps.

I think I've narrowed the choice down to either the Fujifilm X10 and the Panasonic FZ150. Two very different cameras, I know. I was originally almost set on getting the X10, but then it occurred to me that I have a pretty good "always with me" camera on my iPhone 4S, so maybe it would be better to go for upgrading my superb but ageing Panasonic FZ30, rather than getting a new compact.

I don't want a DSLR, as I know I'll end up leaving it at home, not wanting to carry all the kit around, so a bridge with a monster lens is preferable.

Any thoughts/advice?