Last (Possibly) Champix Update

It came about in a rather odd way, but I've stopped taking the Champix.

I was going to a regular smoking (well, stop smoking) clinic, where they would measure the impurities in my breath, have a general chat about how I was getting on and then arrange for my next prescription.

It was time for my next appointment, so I turned up, only to be told that both of the people who worked at the smoking clinic were on long time sick leave! Now, I already knew something odd had been going on, as previously one of the people concerned advised they'd be leaving as they'd been asked to take a ridiculously huge pay cut.

Anyway, trying to cut a long story a little shorter, I had enough Champix to last me a week if I cut down to 1 tablet per day, which I did. After that week, I thought I may as well just stop taking them completely, as it was around the time where I should be doing so in any case and my prescription had run out.

That was 2-3 weeks ago and it's been an odd experience since then.

I've not had a smoke, but it hasn't been easy. I think the main problem is that my brain knows it's missing something (the nicotine and now also the Champix) but, I imagine due to the Champix, it can't work out what.

So I have this almost constant feeling of missing something, but nothing particular.

It's not a nice feeling, but I don't feel like rushing out and having a smoke. I'll stick it out. It'd be daft to go back to smoking after all this. I'm enjoying the health benefits and the extra money. I just wish this nagging feeling of always missing something would go away.