Spotify iPad App

At long last, the Spotify iPad app has made it to the App Store.

Of course, they only did this because I recently cancelled my Spotify Premium account and went to Deezer, specifically because there was no Spotify iPad app.

This may sound daft, but my iPad has become my number one music device whilst I'm at work, so I want the best experience possible.

So, is the Spotify iPad app the best experience possible? Probably not, but it's pretty good. It's only crashed a few times in the couple of hours I've used it, which isn't bad (!). The search page goes loopy when you're typing text into it, too, which is fun to watch.

It's got pretty much everything you've come to love/hate from the iPhone app and some nice Retina sprucing up. The What's New section is pretty neat, too.

One thing I wish all of these streaming apps had is some sort of "subscribe to artist" type functionality, so I could just tell it I like Kraftwerk and it'd add any new music to a defined play list automatically (so, about every 10 years in the case of Kraftwerk, but you know what I mean).

I tend to have Artists as play lists. I've got one called Orbital. I'm having a look at the search results for Orbital and notice that what appears to be a new album has been added. Have I already added it to my play list? Not sure, so I have to go the play list and manually hunt for it, then, if I haven't already added it, go back to the search results and add it. This should all be handled automatically.

Am I switching back to Spotify again with the release of the iPad app? Not sure yet. I've grown to quite like Deezer in the time I've been using it. I'll run them side by side for a couple of weeks and then decide.

Update: After about a dozen app crashes, Spotify now tells me I'm offline, even though I'm not. What with this and the freaking out on the Search page, I'd say this isn't ready for prime time yet, so back to Deezer (which I actually prefer now anyway).

Update 2: Looks like the whole Spotify world has gone offline, hence the following screen grab. Guess everyone's trying the iPad app...