Champix, Day 11 - I've Quit!

Yesterday was the Big Day - I had my last smoke at 11PM on Monday, so have now been smoke free for a little over 36 hours.

I won't pretend it was easy (and it still isn't), but it was certainly a lot easier than going cold turkey. I've been doing loads (for me) of walking, to take my mind off it and to get a little healthier.

It still feels odd taking the Champix. I can't really describe the exact feeling. Having said that, I haven't once considered having a cigarette since I stopped, so they must be doing their thing.

The Champix support site is actually pretty good - you enter your reasons for wanting to quit, how many you smoke(d) per day, how much it cost etc and every day they can send you an email to keep you motivated, with plenty of material available on the site to keep your spirits up and check on your progress. You'll need a Champix prescription to access the site, as you have to enter the batch number from the packet.

I've also got a couple of daft little iPhone apps which are telling me how money I'm saving (£11.27 so far!) and how much longer I'm likely to live (not sure of the accuracy on this one - will let you know in another few decades - hopefully), which all help keep you motivated.

Still a long way to go with the Champix, but they are certainly helping.

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