Champix, Day 5

I've been on the twice daily 0.5Mg tablets for a couple of days now.

Still no major side effects, but I have noticed it's very unpleasant having a drink with them. I tried a glass of red wine with my evening meal the other night and it didn't agree with me at all. Started feeling very spaced out and nauseas. I stopped after only about a quarter of the glass and the unpleasantness passed in about an hour, so nothing major to worry about, but will probably avoid a tipple until after I've stopped the Champix.

I've definitely cut down smoking, but not a huge amount so far. That doesn't bother me, as the plan isn't to stop completely until next Tuesday. Having said that, more and more often I'm failing to see the point in having a smoke, so they seem to be having the desired effect.

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