iPad 3

Having seen the iPad 3 ("New", 3rd Generation, call it what you will), I knew I would succumb. It made my iPad 1 look like exactly what it was - the first generation of a product.

I've loved using the iPad 1. However, it was starting to show its age compared to modern kit. In particular, it was pretty laggy when switching between apps and the 16Gb proved to be a real limitation, especially as I love reading magazines (such as Popular Science), which tend to come in at around 650Mb per issue, so it doesn't take long to fill that space up.

So, yesterday I plumped my hard earned down for a 64Gb WiFi next gen iPad and oh, what a device. This is everything the iPad should be. I never had an iPad 2, so this is a major upgrade for me and one I'm already glad I made.

It's an absolute joy to use, mostly because of that gorgeous display and overall blisteringly fast performance. No lag anywhere, which makes it so much more enjoyable to use.

All I need now to make it perfect is a Retina optimised version of X-Plane, although I'm keeping myself amused with the rather stunning Air Supremacy for now :)

And yes, I'm writing this on the iPad.

Have you upgraded? If so, are you glad you did?