Not liking the iOS 6 App Store

I assumed all the bugs and generally bad behaviour of the iOS 6 App Store were just bugs in the Dev builds I was using, but I'm sorry to see at least some of them have made it to the release version.

An example from this morning:

  • App icon shows 2 updates available
  • Tap the icon and it shows no apps in the list, but still 2 on the tab
  • Navigate away front the Update tab and back again, still no apps in the list (although this sometimes seems to work)
  • Kill the app, re-open it and there are the 2 apps in the list

Definitely a bug.

And I also don't like requiring a magnifying glass to read anything on the App Store. But then that's probably as much about my age as anything else.

What do you think? Is the new App Store an improvement over the old one?