Is the iPad Mini the wrong size?

I was under the impression that one of the major selling points of a 7 inch tablet was that it makes it much easier to carry around. Indeed, it’s just on the edge of pocketable.

I have often had my Nexus 7 in my trouser pocket (or perhaps I was just pleased to see you...).

So surely the iPad Mini is the wrong size? At 7.9 inches, it’s too big to go in that pocket. And at less than 2 inches smaller than the “original” iPad, is it really smaller enough to bother with?

I find I’m carrying my Nexus 7 around more and more (ironic, since I started doing so as a childish one-man protest against my iPad 3 becoming obsolete despite being less than 6 months old), as it barely registers that I’m carrying it around.

Granted, the absolute size is not the only reason a lot of people would buy a 7 inch(ish) tablet, but that combined with the cost and the fact the iPad Mini is lower spec than the cheaper (and soon to be a lot cheaper) Nexus 7, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this actually drove up sales of the Nexus.

Of course, the Mini will sell by the bucketload, as usual, but I think Google will certainly be appreciating the free advertising from Apple on this one.