iPad 3, Part 2 (Or How To Piss Off Your Loyal Customers)

Oh Apple, what have you done?

Being a geek, I know as well as anyone how quickly tech changes and hardware gets updated, but 7 months between models?

My less-than-6-month-old, 64Gb iPad "3" is now discontinued. Is it any less useful than yesterday? Of course not. Is it now the current model? No, it's that old one they don't sell any more.

Apple know their loyal fans don't mind paying the extra for the very latest shiny kit. How many of us, though, are going to be asking ourselves if it's worth paying that premium price for something that's only going to be current for about half a year?

Okay, maybe it's just a blip. Maybe we're not really shifting to twice yearly refreshes. But then maybe we are.

In addition to my disappointment with the iPad refresh, I'm also perhaps a tad disheartened that I've had no real desire to have Apple's last two newly announced mobile devices. The iPhone 5? Nah, not that much of an advance over the 4S I already have. iPad Mini? Nah, lower spec and higher price than my Nexus 7.

Are they losing their touch? Way too early to tell, but maybe these are the seeds?