Logitech Mini Boombox

I've been after a wireless portable speaker for some time to go with my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, particularly for use whilst I'm working away from home, to listen to music and, more recently, for use with Netflix for watching movies etc.

I'm no audiophile (I havent got the best hearing in the world), and I wasn't prepared to spend a huge amount of money on it, so I was interested to hear about Logitech's new Mini Boombox, at a rather reasonable 65 quid or so.

Promptly arriving from Amazon, it's presented in the usual Logitech style, but I'm not big on packaging (except where Apple products are concerned), so I quickly discarded all the plastic and plugged it in to the mains for its first charge. It'll charge from either the mains cable or USB (both supplied) and then keep going on the batteries for a claimed 10 hours or so.

Whilst charging, I began pairing it via Bluetooth with my various devices, trying out the iPhone first.

Woah, this tiny thing is impressive (as the actress said…)! As I mentioned above, I don't have the best hearing in the world, but I do know good quality (at least, to my ears) when I hear it, and this certainly delivers the goods. It's not as good (nor would I expect it to be) as some of the £150 + items you can pick up, but for the cost, it delivers nice audio. It transforms watching a movie on the iPad, or listening to music from the iPhone or MBA using Spotify.

There's no lag at all, so no sync problems between video and audio. It can get its knickers in a twist if I try and use it with, say, the iPad after I've been using it with the iPhone, so I tend to manually disconnect from the previous device if I intend to use it with another. A bit of a pain, but not a huge problem and certainly not unique to the Boombox.

I'd thoroughly recommend it. For me, it's being mainly used whilst I'm stuck in hotel rooms, but it'd be equally handy to take on holiday, use at the BBQ etc.