Android SatNav - Save Your Money

I've recently taken on a new contract which involves a fairly long commute, along routes prone to traffic jams. I've therefore been trying a number of different SatNav apps for my Samsung Galaxy S2.

The results have been somewhat disappointing. Here's a short verdict on some of the apps I've tried:

  • Sygic: extremely laggy - my position on the map was a good few seconds behind my actual location, which made it useless when approaching junctions
  • MapQuest - looks nice, but didn't find a single address I searched for, so fairly useless
  • CoPilot Premium - When it works, this is the second best of the bunch I tried. Unfortunately, it didn't work that often. If you do something crazy like try and multi-task and switch to another app - when you switch back you find (or, at least, I do), a garbled mess of nonsense on your screen. The only way I could find to make it usable again is to manually delete the user config file, restart and reconfigure the app, which is not recommended when driving along the A1
  • Navigon Mobile Navigator - didn't even bother with this one as a lot of people complain about how out of date the maps are

So, the best of the bunch? That terrific little freebie you already have on your phone - Google Navigation. It may not have all the bells and whistles, it may not look too fancy, but it's never once crashed on me and it always, without fail, provides the best route, even re-routing me on the fly to avoid traffic when it can.

Take my advice. Save your money and use what you already have.