Nice one, Ning

You probably won't be aware if you're not a Ning network owner, but there's a real shit storm going on over there at the moment due to the price increases announced yesterday. I can't send you a link to the forum post in question, and the 35 pages of complaints, as I've been suspended from their forum. More on that later.

After 24 hours of posts from very unhappy punters, one member posted this absolute gem. Apologies to the author for quoting it in full, but it's now been deleted from the original forum but, it's so damn good, it's worth repeating:

And so, the world of NingLand was turned into chaos.  The greedy Ningdippers excecuted a malevolent plan to once again force its citizens to work harder and pay more Ningmonians.  They continue to provide broken and malfunctioning Ningnuggets all while demanding higher wages.

NingLand was in serious trouble and darkness gloomed everywhere.  Then one NingDay, I heard the bellows of the Ningyons that no more would they allow the tyrannical NingLord to misuse and oppress its citizens.  An uproar from the heart was heard throughout the entire plains of NingLand.

What would become of NingLand and its faithful citizens?  Would we lose the Queen of NingLand too, who by now, was in the NingLord’s evil grasp too?  Would we ever again see the Queen that has stolen the hearts of the Ningyons?  The one who possessed the Ningnugget of Life itself?

I replied with my thanks for trying to lighten the mood a little with this well crafted ditty. The original post, plus my reply, was deleted. As way my reply asking why my reply had been deleted. They then suspended me, without explanation.

Way to go, Ning. Maybe if you spent more time looking after your paying customers and addressing their concerns, and less time deleting comments from them, we wouldn't all be in this state.

Can anyone recommend any good alternatives that I'd be able to export my data to?