Words - My First Android App

I thought it was about time I started looking at Android development. I stated off with porting Words, one of my iPhone apps, as I had a clear idea of what was required, along with a lot of resources I could re-use.

I've spent a couple of weeks getting used to the new (for me) dev environment and yesterday I released Version 1 to the Market, which has been downloaded 114 times as I type this :)

I really like developing for Android. I found iOS development a real ball-ache. I managed to get a couple of apps done, but I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable experience. And don't get me started on the app approval process.

Developing Words, on the other hand, has been a really pleasurable experience. The whole set up just seems a lot more intuitive to me. And I got a real buzz seeing my app in the Market literally seconds after submitting it.

So, what's next? Words is just at V1, and I've got lots of ideas for enhancing it as I go along. The rest is, for now, a secret :)