Blogsy For IPad

The iPad really needs a good blog writing app. There's the official Wordpress offerings if you're on that platform, but they're not exactly feature rich and obviously no good if you don't use Wordpress. There are a few others available, but nothing to really shout about.

That's all about to change with the introduction of Blogsy.

Blogsy currently works with Wordpress (hosted and self-hosted) and Blogger. The developers are currently running a poll asking folk which platforms they'd like to see supported, so expect more to follow soon.

It features a very impressive set of tools that you'd normally only find on a desktop app, including:

  • Drag and drop of images from Flickr, Picasa and web pages and YouTube video
  • Drag and drop of links
  • "Rich" and "Write" modes
  • Full set of formatting options

For instance, to create a bulleted list as above, simply type the list items on separate lines, highlight them and click the List icon in the toolbar.

And here's a graphic dragged from a site:

There's a built in browser and Google Image search which facilitates dragging images in. Once you've found one you want, you press and hold the image for a moment and it'll tell you if it's draggable. If so, just drag it into your post. You get similar functionality for Flickr and Picasa. Simply add your account details and you can then drag from a selector into your post. Heres one from Flickr:

The usual features you'd expect are also here: categorise and tag your posts, upload as Published, Draft or Pending etc.

If you have multiple blogs on your account, you can easily switch between them.

I really think this is going to be a viable iPad blog publishing solution. Up until now, I've only really used the iPad to create draft content which if then copied to my laptop to format and publish. The release of Blogsy means I can now complete the entire process of writing, formatting and publishing from the iPad itself. Impressive stuff.

I've only just started scratching the surface, but can already see this is a keeper.

The developers are offering Blogsy at the bargain price of £1.79. They state this is a temporary price, as you can't currently upload images from the iPads library, but thats hardly a major limitation, especially given you can add images from so many other sources. I'd go grab this now before the price goes up.

There are some quirks, for sure, but they'll get ironed out as the app develops. Even in it's current early state, it's changed my iPad from a content consumption device to a consumption and creation device, and that's worth £1.79 of anyone's money.

And yes, this entire post, with links, formatting and graphics was created and uploaded via Blogsy :)