eBook Publishers - Why Not Experiment A Little?

I love my Kindle to bits. Being almost constantly on the move, it's a great help not having to lug 3 or 4 books around with me at all times. (I switch between books as the mood takes me, so normally I have a few on the go at any one time).

I do have a rule regarding buying eBooks, though. I'll rarely buy it if it costs more than the paperback version. What I really don't get (I know this has been a point of contention for many eBook reader owners) is when the eBook version is the MOST EXPENSIVE option! Take Jeremy Clarkson's latest - "How Hard Can It Be". On Amazon, it's listed at £10.43 for the hardback, £5.49 for the paperback, and (wait for it) £12.99 for the eBook. WTF?! Amazon shows the dreaded "This price was set by the publisher" under the title, so there's no point in us moaning. Except there is. This is simply ludicrous!

Why don't the publishers take a leaf out of  the mobile app developers book. Try selling their titles at knock down prices for a couple of days and see what kind of take up they get. I bet if you lowered JC's latest to, say, £4, you'd sell them by the bucket load. You don't have to keep it at that price (although I'd recommend it) - just try it for a few days and see how many sales you're missing out on. A quick read of the comments for this title alone will give them some idea of what the paying public think of their pricing. Another quick look at the Top 100 on Amazon will also give them some idea of what the buying public are prepared to pay.

I really, really don't get where their heads are. I can almost understand (though still object to) the eBook being a higher price than the paperback, but more expensive than the hardback? That's just plain crazy.