Amazon Cloud Drive - What Do You Think?

I've been having a play with Amazon's Cloud Drive, announced today. I thought it was for US users only, but it's let me in okay. Maybe because I have an as well as an account?

It's cheap enough. $1 per Gb, with 5Gb thrown in for free when you start. And even cheaper if you decide to buy an MP3 album from Amazon, as they'll then throw in an additional 20Gb (just the once, you don't get an additional 20Gb for every album, but it's a good deal nonetheless).

It's clearly not aimed just at music storage, either, as there are directories already in place for documents, pictures and videos.

The Player interface is quite nice. Album art appears automatically and they even show a QRCode to download the Android app. I've got the app on my Dell Streak but, frankly, the audio quality on the Streak is crap compared to my iPhone, so not sure I'll be bothering with that.

Will I use it? Not sure. The biggest omission for me is the lack of iOS support. And I can't see this coming any time soon, as I'm sure Apple would have something to say about it. However, gimme an iPhone version and I may be sold. I say "may", as we've yet to see the offerings from Google and Apple. Obviously the Apple effort will be the choice for owners of iOS devices, but I could see myself using Cloud Drive if it ever gets iOS support.

Update: There are a bunch of workarounds to get this working on iOS devices on the Techcrunch post. I'm gonna try them out and will report back.

Update 2: Here's a more detailed description of the workaround from Mashable. It works, but it's not ideal. Incidentally, the iCab browser they mention is well worth the price, even if you're not interested in the Amazon Cloud workaround. I've been using it for some time.