So Long MacBook Pro, Hello iPad

I've made no secret of my fanboy status regarding Mac's. My trusty 4 year old MacBook Pro has served me well, and I always believed that when it's time was up, I'd immediately get whatever the latest MBP was at that point.

Well, it's time is indeed up and no, I didn't get a new MBP. Ironically enough, one of the main reasons I didn't get a new one is the iPad. Up until late last year, I dismissed the iPad as a big iPhone. That was until I actually made the effort of spending some time with it.

I spent an hour in a shop giving it a good try out, after which it dawned on me that I could actually use it for about 90% of what I currently do on a laptop on a day-to-day basis, e.g. email, browsing, content consumption, game playing (yes, I admit it), generally keeping in touch with people. The other 10% (flight simming and development whilst out on the road) still demanded a fairly beefy laptop, so I went for a Dell XPS 15 - about a third the price of a new top-of-the-range MacBook Pro, and better specced. In fact, I managed to get the XPS and the iPad for about half the price of a new MBP.

So, how's this all working out? Very well indeed. I made the right decision (rare!). The iPad is truly astonishing in what it enables you to do. The battery life is incredible. I've got my Evernote data with me at all times. I think the iPad email client is about the best I've seen on any device - including desktop/laptop software. And the XPS is one hell of a piece of kit for the price. Windows 7 ain't so bad. It's no OSX, but it's solid enough and this machine really does move.

As much of a fanboy as I am (I still love Macs), common sense prevailed and I'm extremely happy now with my current systems. The iPad goes literally everywhere with me and, when I fancy some virtual flying, or doing some dev work, my laptop is pretty close by.