Get Tune Up Utilities 2012 Half Price

Being a flight sim nut, I'm always looking for ways to get the best from my machine, especially as I'm using a laptop due to my constant travelling.

I've therefore been giving Tune Up Utilities 2012 a go. As well as a bunch of other useful stuff (cleaning/defragmenting the registry etc), it's got a neat Turbo mode, which shuts down a lot of stuff you really don't need running, especially when flight simming.

This may be common knowledge, but I accidentally found out how to get it half price. I uninstalled it from my test machine, with the intention of installing it on my laptop. After uninstalling, it automatically takes you to an order page where you can get the 50% discount. I don't know if you need to run it once or not, but I had.

It actually looks pretty useful and it's well worth the discounted £14.99 asking price.