I'm going through one of my many cycles of trying something different. I've been a long time Google fan, but I'm starting to feel they've lost their way a little, especially with the recent changes to Gmail and Reader. I initially quite liked the Reader changes, but it's actually grating on me now. And who the hell did the UI changes on Gmail? In an effort to go minimal, they've made it a mess.

Coincidentally, I'd been taking a look at Office 365 as an alternative. This is a big step for me. I'm not exactly a Microsoft lover, but there's plenty to like with 365. The web version of Outlook is particularly nice. Clean interface, VERY fast, too.

So, I'm gradually trying Google alternatives. More of an experiment than anything else. I've not committed to giving up on them just yet, but I'm finding it surprisingly easy to not use them, which was a surprise for me.

The only tricky one is Reader. I just can't find a good web alternative. I use Reeder on iPad and iPhone, but I'd like a good web based alternative for when I'm at my desk. I can't really get on with Feedly for some reason, although it seems to be a favourite amongst those moving away from Reeder. Any other suggestions?

I'm still not convinced with Google+, either. It is at least a clean UI, but I'm gravitating back towards Twitter at the moment.

I'll let you know how I get on, but I'm not really missing it at the moment.