iPhone 4S - First Impressions

I was of two minds regarding getting an iPhone 4S.

I've slightly converted to Android over the past 12 months, but I sure did miss the beauty of the Apple UI, despite the hugely impressive performance of my Samsung Galaxy S2. The thing that swayed me was being at the end of my contract and the chance of getting something new and shiny for free (when taking into account the part-exchange I got on my old 3GS), so I'm now the proud new owner of a 32Gb 4S.

So, initial thoughts?

  • This baby is fast! It's at least as snappy as the SGS2. In fact, I'd say it was snappier.
  • Siri - the one thing you'd probably write off as being a waste of time, is HUGELY impressive! I'm a great mumbler, and it has no problem understanding me (most of the time!).
  • The camera is damn good. I love the built-in HDR, too.
  • I like the notifications better than Android. I know this is iOS 5, and not specifically the 4S, but it's great nonetheless. Having everything listed on the Lock Screen is exactly how it should be in my opinion.
  • iCloud is going to be great, once it's settled down. They've had a few issues, but that's not really surprising given the millions of people that must have been hitting the servers. Taking a snap on the 4S and seeing it appear on the iPad is terrific.
  • It's almost worth getting the 4S just for Real Racing 2 - silky smooth, shadows, just awesome!

As I mentioned, I went from the 3GS to the 4S, so it's a big jump in performance for me. Whether it's worth it for existing 4 owners, only you can decide. But I'm certainly glad I got mine :)

For the first time, I also joined the other fanboys outside the O2 shop at 7:30 on Friday morning. It was a fun experience :)