The Mobile Data Debacle

With T-Mobile's latest attempt to reduce their data allowance to 500Mb (since reversed for existing customers), I do wonder where it's all going to end.

The constant reduction in the data allowance can only be a temporary thing. I can see one of two things occurring:

  1. People will simply stop buying the phones. Would you buy an iPhone or other "always connected" device with only 500Mb a month allowance? I know I wouldn't. What would be the point? I wouldn't be able to use it most of the time, as the majority of that 500Mb would go on email alone (I'm away from home 6 days a week).
  2. The handset manufacturers will ask the rather obvious question, which is what's the point in them creating all of these whizz bang devices if people won't be able to use them for anything much more than phone calls and text messages, which we can all do with a ten quid phone from Tesco?

Either way, the situation has to reverse at some point. The eventual financial losses to the mobile operators (from reduced sales) will, I hope, make them realise they have to come up with the goods.

There's no point telling us how great these devices are and that we can use them to stay connected with the world and then not provide half the equation, e.g. the data.

I know 3 already offer unlimited, but they can do that because so few people can actually get any kind of connection.

So, how long before they turn back? I give them 3 months.