My Second Week With The Dell Streak

Following on from my (not very originally titled) My First Week With The Dell Streak, I thought I'd post a follow up report after 2 weeks of use.

The danger of getting any new toy is that the original wow factor can soon wear off, and you're often left with that empty "not sure why I really bought this" feeling. I'm very happy to say that the wow factor on the Streak seems to be getting stronger with each day of use!

So, what do I like so much about it? A lot of the same things that attracted me to it in week one still apply, specifically that gorgeous screen. However, a few other things have popped up over the past week now I've settled down and am using it as my main mobile device:

  • It's very nearly a laptop replacement, which is not something I even considered when looking at purchasing it. I reckon I can achieve around 90% of what I would normally use a laptop for on it. I can even do simple stuff on my sites (like approving new members, replying to comments, adding new posts etc). I could just about do this with the iPhone, but it was more hassle than it was worth and I usually just filed away emails that demanded my attention to look at when I got home. With the huge screen on the Streak, it's very workable.
  • eBooks. In a word, marvellous! And, (I'm sure they released this just for me), Kindle was released on Android this week. eBook reading on the go is now a real pleasure after the tiny (but admittedly still usable) experience on the iPhone.
  • App discovery - I struggled at first to find good quality apps, but I've recently found a few places that are helping in this area. AppBrain is both a web site and an app. You can sign in with your Google account and then hit the Install button next to apps you like the look of. Next time you fire up the app on your phone, you can sync those items and install them. Particularly neat is being able to search for what's on other folks phones. I love the This Week In Google podcast, and a quick search for the podcasters apps presented me with a great selection of apps to get started with. AppAware lets you see what other Andoid users are installing (and uninstalling) in real time, so you can get a feel for what's popular at that particular moment. I've now got a fantastic collection of really great apps to keep me busy.
  • Sorry to keep going on about the screen, but it really is fabulous. Asphalt (a cool car racing game) looks simply awesome and watching videos is a real treat.
  • Day to day use is very intuitive. Switching between emails, text messages, browsing etc is both simple and fast. True multitasking is terrific and I now don't think I could ever go back.

On the downside, I must have installed an odd app, or switched some setting somewhere, as the battery life seems to have dropped off significantly. Maybe it's just the way I'm using it. There doesn't appear to be any rogue app still running anywhere consuming power, so I'll just have to do some further investigations. That's the only single negative I've so far experienced, and it's not really that much of an issue anyway, as I always have the charger with me and the device charges very quickly. I've also ordered the car and desk docks which will pretty much eradicate the problem in any case.

I've downloaded the SDK and have worked through the usual Hello World, so look out for my first Android app sometime soon.

As for my 3GS? Only really using it to take calls from folk I haven't yet sent my new number to! Roll on Google Voice for the UK!