The Single Speeders

There's a disturbing and growing trend taking place on the roads of Britain.

There have always been drivers plagued with this ailment, but the number seems to be increasing at an alarming rate.

I'm referring to those "drivers" (I use the term very loosely) that can ONLY travel at 40MPH. Doesn't matter if the speed limit is 20 or 70, there they are sticking rigidly to 40MPH, as if their car will spontaneously combust if they go any faster or slower. What's wrong with this people? Is it treatable? How thick a skin do they have? If I feel like I'm holding people up, I'll generally try and pull over so they can get through, but these idiots seem quite happy having 5 miles of traffic backing up behind them.

And why is it always 40? They never seem "stuck" at 35, or 45, but 40. Is it related to their IQ?

Here's a good use for speed cameras. Mount a weapons grade laser on them and anyone caught doing LESS than the speed limit gets immediately vapourised. I'm quite certain this will decrease accidents. No more coming round a corner at 60 to find a complete arse trundling along at 40, making me and everyone behind me slam our brakes on.