Your iPhone 4 isn't dropping calls - it's your imagination

I hate to start sounding line an Apple basher, but WTF exactly is going on over there?

The official line is that "the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong". Well, that's as maybe, but it sure as hell doesn't explain why:

  • The phone drops calls (or are they saying it's actually really crap at making calls, but they'd misled owners into thinking they had a really good signal when they didn't and that they're going to issue a software update so owners will now be able to see quite clearly how bad their signal is?)
  • Why the 3G/3GS never had this call dropping problem
  • Why they're taking on 8 antenna engineers to look at the problem (I'm sure 8 antenna engineers weren't required to find a fault in an algorithm somewhere)
  • Why they suggested using those daft bands around the edge to make your 500 quid phone look like a 20 quid phone

So, what gives? Do they really think their customer are that stupid? Are they starting to panic? Does anyone really care? Well, probably not, unless you've got a phone you can't make calls with.

There's some great analysis on the web on the subject. If you're interested, take a look at this post on Wired and follow some of the links in the article.

For the record, I think the iPhone 3GS provides the best user experience of any device I've ever tried (I haven't tried a 4), but the Android (well, my Dell Streak at least) is the best geeky mobile device I've ever tried, so I'm not having a go at Apple just for the sake of it, but come on, guys, this is just plain silly.