Yay! Keymote is working again :)

Keymote, one of my all-time favourite iPhone apps, just stopped working the other day. I've no idea why and I hadn't gotten around to a re-install, but I just read a new review of it and it prompted me to get it sorted.


I uninstalled and re-installed both the iPhone app and accompanying Mac app and now all is once again well with the World. I can now sit back and relax, iPhone in hand, and go through my Google Reader articles whilst slouching on/in the sofa :)

If you've not tried it before, it's well worth the £2.99 (I think, can't be bothered to go check). It's basically a remote for almost anything on your Mac. You can define a set of key commands on the iPhone app and then use the iPhone as a keypad. There are also a bunch of free downloadable pre-configured key sets to get you going.

And it looks gorgeous.