I really want to like Opera, but...

I've been a long time part-time user of Opera's browser. I like it so much, I even paid for it back in the days when they offered an ad-supported version and a pay version.

The problem is, it's always an on-off relationship. Every new release (the latest is 10.52 for the Mac), I look forward to downloading it, taking it for a test drive with the hope of being able to finally use it as my primary browser. And every time, I'm left disappointed.

Take 10.52 for instance. I installed it, fired it up and visited a few of my favourite sites. All was well and I was starting to feel pretty positive about it. Made my way to passpack.com (an excellent online password manager), clicked the button to sign in and here comes the beach ball. No response for a few minutes, so Force Quit the app and tried again. Same thing. Restarted and tried a few other sites, mostly common stuff like the BBC and it works a treat. Ironically, I was just about to add a post here via the Posterous web interface saying how great this release of Opera was and bang, beach ball time again.

So, instead of writing about how great it is and that I've now, finally, made it my primary browser, I'm again having to write about how I'd really like to use it, but am unable to, as it won't handle so many of my favourite sites, using Chrome to do the writing.

Why do I keep persisting with it? I think I liked it in the bad old days as it was a real underdog that just wouldn't give up. And I guess it still is. All credit to them for keeping at it, but maybe one day I'll just give up trying and stick to what I know works well.