iPhone 4G - Anything To Get Excited About?

By now I'm sure you've all heard about the infamous Gizmodo "iPhone 4 Found in A Bar" episode.

Is it just me, or is there nothing much to get excited about? Sure, the higher resolution might be nice (although I quite like the current res - anything higher and my poor old eyes might start to suffer), the front facing camera might get used once (but probably not twice) and, err, well nothing much else really.

Of course, it might transpire that it's nothing at all like the finished article when it arrives.

Having said that, is there really that much more you can do to improve it? Faster processor and more RAM, for sure, but it's difficult to see what else they could do. Which, of course, is tremendous testament to the current devices.

Overall, though, if that's what iPhone 4 is going to be, I'm not terribly upset that I only fairly recently upgraded to my 3GS.