Why I'll never buy anything from 3 Mobile again

Here's the scenario.

I returned my MiFi to them in November, 2009, as it didn't work in the one area I wanted to use it, namely the place I stay during the week whilst working away from home.

The initial call went well enough. No arguments or trying to persuade me to stay with them - they would send a pre-paid pack in which I could return it and they'd cancel the contract. Too good to be true? Yep!

I returned it a few days later and obtained proof of posting. End of the matter, or so I thought.

A few weeks later I get a bill, so I give them a call to see what's going on. They've not received the MiFi. I gave them details about my proof of posting and they said they'd look into it. A couple of weeks later, another bill and another call to them. They've still not received it. I informed them that, as I'd returned it and had proof of postage, my side of the deal was done. If they've not received it, that's not my problem. I was informed the account would be cancelled and nothing was owing on the account.

I just got back from my week working away to find 3 letters from different debt collection agencies. This is now getting crazy. Another call to them, letting them know I wasn't at all impressed with the debt collection letters and basically asking WTF is going on. I was told the consignment number for my return hadn't been passed to the cancellation department and that they would now do so and that I should just ignore the letters.

How bloody hard is it? I've returned it and I've got proof I returned it. My job is done. Cancel the sodding account, clear it down and call off the wolves.

Never again.